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Friday, August 14, 2009

My Morning with Ms. Destruction

Have you ever had one of those days where you've made plans, but just can't seem to get out the door? How about when your only daily accomplishment seems to be getting out of bed?

That's me... today.

No...that's me...most days.

I had "big" plans for today. Because my son is still not feeling the best, I was going to run by Blockbuster and pick up a "Phineas and Ferb" video for him. Then, I was going to Kmart to buy some Loreal Preference to hide some seriously grey roots. After that, the park... then, maybe Taco Bell and back home.

Know what I completed from that list?

We went to Taco Bell.

Sad? Yes. Surprising? No

Here's what happened:

I had my daughter all dressed this morning. She had on this new floral jumpsuit with matching hairbow. I, on the other hand, had just spilled coffee on myself and needed to change. So, I step into the closet for -at the most! - two minutes for a clean shirt.

I peeked into the bedroom where, just two minutes earlier, I had left my daughter on the bed watching Elmo.

She wasn't there.

No, she was by the side of the bed pouring out a small bottle of KY onto the floor and into her hands. Then, she put her hand in her mouth and drank some of it.

I freaked out and grabbed her. I took her downstairs, wiped her off, checked her mouth, gave her a drink, then called my friend at work.

Me: "My daughter just drank a little KY... what do I do?!"


She checked online for me and said it should be fine. Then, she told me to call the company and ask them directly.

So, I go upstairs with a towel, my daughter, her milk, and the phone. My daughter threw the chocolate milk down the steps, where the lid leaked everywhere. (No luck with chocolate milk lately.) Now, I have to clean the mess in the bedroom and on the steps -all while trying to keep track of Little Ms. Destruction.

Several minutes later, I called the company. I was surprised to find that they have a nurse on staff constantly handling these kinds of calls.

Me: "I'm calling about my daughter. She just drank a little KY... what do I do?"


Nurse: "It's water-based. She'll be fine."

Me: "Oh, good -thanks."

Nurse: "Would you like to be on our mailing list?"

Me: "Um... no thanks, I'll pass."

*More laughter*

So, by the time I get it all straightened out, it just wasn't worth the effort to go anywhere. I had not only lost time, but my motivation as well.

And, yes, I'm still in the shirt with the coffee stain.

Honestly, I don't even care about it anymore.

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