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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cell Phone Tip

Last week, I inadvertently drowned my cell phone in chocolate milk.

I had taken my daughter on a walk in her stroller. I placed my phone, keys and her sippy cup full of chocolate milk in the compartment below her.

Ten minutes into the walk, my daughter yelled for her "mik", and I reached for it only to find that most of it had leaked out. My keys and phone were submerged.

The keys were sticky but fine. The phone, however, was a totally different story. I picked it up and it started taking pictures and saying in this fuzzy but still understandable voice -"Smile for the camera". It was actually really sad.

My husband took the phone back to Verizon to see if there was any hope for its survival. The man at the desk told him to place the phone in a baggy full of white rice for 2-3 days.

So, we did it. The phone miraculously sprung to life when we turned it on, and we could even make out the first screen with the time and date on it. Unfortunately, it's still unusable. When you flip it open, it's as if you can actually see the clouds of chocolate milk soaked inside it.

However, this was still a great tip. Had I dropped it in the pool or left it in the rain, then this most certainly would have worked.

I just wanted to pass this on in hopes that it would help someone.

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