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Monday, August 17, 2009

"Hope for the Best, But Prepare for the Worst." English Proverb

I took my daughter to her preschool orientation today, and we already have problems.

I left my daughter in her classroom with her teachers while I was being briefed with the rest of the parents on procedures. As soon as I walked out of that room, I spotted an office worker holding her.

She had pulled three or four children's hair (hard!), so they took her out for a "break". At one point, she had even pulled some hair out.


A few months ago, when my daughter started all this hair pulling and pinching, it was only when she was sick or on medication. Slowly, it became her actual behavior instead of her "off" behavior. I don't know what happened.

I ended up taking her out of school, because (1) maybe a change in environment would help(?), (2) there was no point of having her in school when I kept having to get her early -the most important reason -(3) I didn't want to see anyone get hurt.

So, now it's starting all over. I received another talk on how things are handled at home and 'have you talked to the doctor about it', 'think you could read some information about it', etc.

I am not dealing with this again. I didn't want her in school to begin with. I felt she needed out of this "terrible twos" before it should even be considered. My husband, on the other hand, feels it will help more for her to be around other children. Possibly... but I hate walking into the school and feeling like -"Oh, no... there's that woman with that mean child again. Why doesn't she do something about her behavior?"

I just want to cry. I dread this. I dread this entire situation. I'm giving it one month. That's it. If things are not improved (and, yes, we do our best to curb and discipline this behavior at home), then I'm taking her out for the rest of the year.

I keep telling myself that -technically, she doesn't have to go to school until kindergarten, so we have a few more years to work on this.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how what else to try.

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