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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Bully in Diapers

I pick up my daughter from preschool today, and the teacher is waiting for me by the door.

Teacher: "We've had a bit of a hard time today."

Me: "Um..."

Teacher: "She's been kind of a wild child today." *slight laughter*

Me: "Oh."

Teacher: "She bit a couple of kids, pulled their hair, and also scratched the blood out of one."

Me: "Oh... No."

Teacher: "I tried to tell her "no", but she just laughed at me."

Me: (sigh)

Teacher: "What do you do at home?"

Me:" usually doesn't do this at home unless she's really tired. Did she act tired?"

Teacher: "...maybe..."

Yeah. It went that smoothly.

I really haven't seen her act like this unless she feels bad or tired, so hopefully this will be the last I hear of it.

And...I swear this is true...I actually put her in a shirt today that said "Trouble Maker".
Maybe I should just save that shirt to wear around the house.

My daughter --the preschool delinquent.

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