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Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Baking Fool

Alright, I'm sick, tired, and have a headache.

I have been baking since 12:30:

Peanut Butter Fudge (that we may have to eat with a spoon)
Holiday Pretzel Treats (so easy!)
Raspberry Fudge Balls (I had to substitute with strawberry preserves, but it's still tasty)
The Best Lemon Bars (I'm a little leery about how this one turned out...)

I'd like to bake some more this week, but we'll see. I'll have to buy new pants if I keep this up, and I don't really have the time or money to do that either.

And now I have to get ready for a two-year-old's birthday party. Not exactly the first thing I want to do at this moment. I do not want any cake either. I am too full of sugar as it is!

Oh, who am I kidding? I'll have some cake. (sigh)

1 comment:

Jill said...

Sounds so Yummy! Want to come over for coffee? You bring the desserts :)