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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tacky and Proud

The other day, I wore a Hilton Head t-shirt and put one on each of my children.

My husband saw this and just shook his head and laughed. Jokingly (I think) he said, "That is so tacky."

Well, maybe it was, but I don't really care. Furthermore, I'm not taking fashion advice from a man that sometimes can't be bothered to wear a shirt to the kitchen table.

I'm not a fashionista -never claimed to be. I know what's in style, but since I somehow get some sort of substance on my clothes every day, then what's the point of wearing something nice?

Besides, some fashion and beauty trends are just plain ridiculous. I just read the other day that completely shaved eyebrows were all the rage on the runway! ...Yeah...I'll pass on that one. Can you imagine having that kind of power to dream up something totally and completely insane and convince a portion of the world that it's hip and trendy?! Scary.

Last week, my husband and I were "on a date" at a seafood restaurant in Hilton Head. A group of young women (early twenties is my guess) came in, and a couple of them were wearing heavy scarves around their necks.

Now, I've seen this trend before in magazines and on the street, but I still don't get it. Tank tops and scarves? Why?! It was a good 90 degrees outside, but your neck is cold... not your arms, though. Hmm....

Like I said, I'm not that into fashion. I'm just trying to figure this out. Maybe it's some sort of recession-wear. You know... like they're trying to get more use out of their clothing all year long.

I don't know. It's just a guess.

Trust me, when I was younger I was much more susceptible to following the trends than I am now. You should see these pictures of me in my horrid looking pegged pants with my gigantic permed hair. Getting my bangs curled and teased was a huge portion of my morning. It looked like someone stapled a bird's nest to my forehead.

What can I say? We thought we looked good.

My son has seen these high school pictures of me.

Him: "Did you mean to look like that?"

Me: "Actually... yes."

Him: ...pondering... "It doesn't look good."

Me: "Yeah. I know." (sigh)

And that was pretty much the same conversation I had with my mother over her teased-out, flipped-up, helmet-of-hair yearbook picture.

Trends are funny like that. Maybe next year, when these girls look at their vacation pictures, they'll wonder why they were dressed like that, too.

They still looked cute, though. When you're twenty, everything looks nice on you. (Except for pegged jeans and giant hair. It works for no one!)

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