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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Strange or Quirky?

I'm constantly amazed at the peculiarities of my daughter.

She's added a new one to her ever expanding list over the past few days.

Lately, she has enjoyed piling my purses onto the closet floor, sitting on that pile, and ...well...there's no delicate way of putting it... pooping. Oh, she has a diaper on, but still it isn't a pleasant thought, is it?

So, we can now add that to:

1) Freaking out over "Happy Birthday" -the song and the phrase.

2) Throwing an enormous fit whenever I turn on my curling brush. (The hair dryer doesn't bother her at all. Weird.)

3) Not allowing her doll baby to sit in her doll stroller. If you put the baby in there, she will stop, pull the doll out by her hair, and throw her wherever. The only things that can ride in the stroller? Her sippy cup or a plastic snake.

4) The downstairs bathroom door can not be left open. If she walks by and it's empty and the door is open, she actually huffs, reaches in and shuts the door. If she walks by and it's closed and occupied, she gets mad unless the person inside let's her in.

5) Whenever she gets upset in the car (for any reason), the ONLY thing that will calm her down is "White Lightning" by George Jones. As soon as she starts screaming, I put that song on and she's instantly happy... every time.

6) No matter what she's eating, she wants a fork. She likes to just hold it in her left hand, while she shovels the food in with her right.

7) She is fascinated by bellies. She likes to lift her shirt and show her belly to everyone including strangers. Also, she likes to lift other people's shirts and take a peek... including strangers.

8) How do I know she's done with a meal? She starts throwing the leftovers onto the floor.

9) She loves to play with my plastic cutting boards... not the knives... just the boards. I think she likes to hear them clatter against the kitchen floor.

10) If you turn on the garbage disposal, she will dance. And she will dance as long as it's on.

Keep in mind that these are just a few quirky things she does that occurred to me. There are many, many more.

...never a dull moment...

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