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Monday, June 08, 2009


Everyone is concerned that my daughter isn't saying much.

My son was talking in sentences by now, but my daughter just says words here and there with several grunts in between.

If we say words to her, then she knows what we're talking about. I can tell her to put something into the trash or give something to Daddy and she does it.

It's almost as if she only talks when she feels she has to. The words she does say, she can speak fairly clearly... well... except for "kitty". She says the "t" sounds in place of the "k". It can be a little embarrassing when we go out and she starts frantically pointing and saying the wrong word.

My poor son would talk a mile a minute but needed me as a personal translator. Now, of course, he talks well (and still a mile a minute).

This little guy had trouble with the "p" sound at the end of words and made "tr" into "f". His worst words were "dump truck". It came out as "dumb #$ck". (I'm so NOT spelling that out!)

One of my worst moments as a parent happened in Wal-mart. I had my son in a buggy in the toy department. Guess what he spotted? A dump truck. So, he starts yelling it at the top of his lungs -"dumb ..."(you know the rest). If looks could kill... that's all I'm saying. I don't know if people thought I yelled words like that at home, or if they thought he was calling them "dumb...". I don't know. It was just a bad, bad experience.

But, like I said, he talks really well now. I'm hoping my daughter will be catching up at some point. I read to her, sing to her, talk to her... and still not much...

I know... one day I'll be begging for her to be quiet...

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