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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Are You Tired?

My husband called a few minutes ago to tell me he was working late (it figures!), and he asked what I was doing.

I explained to him that I had put our daughter down for a nap and was getting ready to just sit down for a while.

Him: "Why?!"

Me: "Um... because I'm tired... because I've been toting around your wild daughter all day."

Him: "Where'd you go?"

Me: "The store and the library."

Him: "And you're tired from that?!"

This is the point in the conversation where he better count his blessings that I can't reach through the phone and choke him.

Yes. I'm tired. Our daughter is exhausting. She never walks anywhere --only runs! And she only runs in the direction that I DON'T want her to go! Therefore, I am forced to carry her everywhere. Holding twenty-eight pounds with one arm, a diaper bag with another, while looking through books is actually quite tiring. I should have some major muscles by now. (Well, I probably do, but they are covered with a nice, smooth layer of fat.)

While waiting in line to check out books, I had to put her down. I held her hand while she desperately tried to get away. Then, she lost her shoe in the struggle which made her scream. (Great acoustics in the library, by the way.) Finally, we were finished and able to dash out.

At the grocery store, I brought a stash of food and candy with me to keep things calm. It worked fairly well until she saw me place a bag of Cheeto Puffs into the buggy. Then... hysteria... I was debating whether or not to open the bag and give her a handfull (Oh... the mess!!), when a very nice employee offered my daughter a balloon.

Crisis averted.

So, after paying for the groceries, loading the groceries, driving home, unloading her and the groceries, fixing lunch, changing a diaper, reading her a book, and putting my daughter down for a nap... yeah... I'm tired.

And, now I must hustle to the bustop and pick up my son.

You would think I'd weight 105 lbs. after all this running around and heavy lifting. No such luck. Luckily, I eat enough ice cream and Cheetos to keep my weight up.


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