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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow's Visit

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My mother-in-law is visiting tomorrow, and the house is .... well.... unfit for visitors. It's not like we live in utter squalor (most days), but our house could serve as a "before" picture on one of those home improvement shows.

I try to keep up. Really. It doesn't look like it, I know.

It's amazing what my daughter can get into, break, tear, lose, and otherwise destroy in the time it takes for me to simply brush my teeth. So actual cleaning when she's around is fairly impossible. I haven't yet mastered the fine line of keeping her out of trouble and keeping the house in order. (Has anyone?)

My only hope, at this point, is that my mother-in-law will be so completely enamored with her grandchildren that she won't even notice her surroundings.

(sigh) ... Dare to dream...

Time to get back to work...

1 comment:

crystal said...

I hope you are keeping good notes on all this!

You, My Dear, are a young Erma Bombeck!!!

I am SURE I'll be reading your books in the future!

When my kids were little and it was tough to keep the house looking neat ( Does that ever change? LOL), my friends and I used to have a good laugh over something we read in a women's magazine. It said that if you keep your vacuum cleaner out in an obvious place all the time, and someone drops in for a surprise visit; it will seem as if you are in the middle of cleaning the house! I realize your Mom-in-law was expected, but maybe the suggestion would make you look good anyway! ;-)