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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Day at the Park

I decided to take our usual walk to the park today even though I have a million things to do around here. My daughter doesn't want to watch me clean, and... well... I really don't need a reason not to clean - so we went.

As with much of our time together, this outing proved to be a small adventure in itself.

First off, I totally embarrassed myself. Nothing new there except for the fact that this was a brand new way of doing it. Have you ever talked to someone -and I mean several sentences -before realizing that they don't speak English? I did that today. My daughter ran up to this little boy (about scared him to death in her zeal to get his attention), and I spoke briefly with his mother. Nothing major -just how much my daughter likes kids and hopes she didn't scare her son. The woman just smiled at me. I followed my daughter to the slide and heard the woman and her son talking in a language that I couldn't readily identify. That explained why she didn't say anything back, but hey -she smiled. So that was a nice response.

After that, my daughter did her usual park antics. She climbed the ladder to the slide and dove headfirst down it. (She's going to be a stuntwoman, I think.) Then, she threw a fairly major fit when she didn't go very fast.

So, when she was done, she headed out of the park and tried to crawl into the stormdrain. Some woman was walking by and was laughing pretty hard at that one.

I managed to distract her from that scene when she saw a dog riding on the back of the golf cart and attempted to chase the cart. When it was obvious she wasn't fast enough, she briefly stopped and watched a jogger. And for some odd reason felt compelled to chase after this man and scream "Daddy! Daddy!"

At that point, I felt it was time to scoop her up and set in the stroller to go home. Is it any wonder that I already have over 7000 steps on my pedometer today?

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