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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Missing Hair Bow

Another day... another opportunity to look insane.

I put a new "no slip" hair bow on my daughter this morning, and they actually work really well. She was rolling around this morning, and one stayed in without a problem.

Well, I put her in the car and drove us to her music class. Upon arrival, I notice the hairbow is gone. I take her out of the carseat and notice the bow has slipped into this small hole in the back. (The hole is supposed to be there.)

I try to fit my finger through and end up losing the bow in the inner workings (who knew a carseat was so complicated inside?), and I can't even see it anymore.

So, I'm looking and looking and growing increasingly intent on finding this tiny bow. It takes me seemingly forever (time loses all meaning when you go insane), to take the carseat physically out of the car. It's hooked in five different places... I'm not kidding.

All the while, old goldfish and fruit loops are falling out left and right and somehow they're mingling with dog hair (we haven't had a dog in almost a year!), and my daughter is picking it all up and shoving it in her mouth. So, now I'm not only searching for this bow, but trying to keep my daughter from ingesting this nasty junk.

I shake and shake the seat and ... nothing. This bow has disappeared into some crazy carseat twilight zone.

I'm mumbling to myself and sweating heavily, not even realizing other people are probably watching my craziness and taping it for their friends.

After a few minutes of this, I give up. I decide to fix the carseat back when we get out of class (which I did!), so I grab my daughter to go. That is when I realized she had found a candy cane, opened it, licked on it, and drug it all over her hair and her new dress. I wiped her off the best I could and went inside.

I know it seems crazy to try so hard for this bow, but almost daily, someone will ask me if she's a boy or girl. I hate that. She's even been wearing a dress a few times, and they still call her a "him"! I thought a bow in her hair would give her an extra dose of girliness.

So now, while she's napping, I'm going to try some more. (This time, I'll be doing this inside the garage, so no one will see me!)

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