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Monday, March 23, 2009

Side Effects of Ambien

Last week, I went to the doctor for a checkup. I mentioned to him that I was having trouble sleeping, so he wrote me a prescription for Ambien. I've taken it before, years ago, and remembered it being good stuff.

I don't know if it's the pills or my body or what, but it's not good stuff now.

The first couple of times I took it, I was seeing some odd things in the room. I kept telling my husband that our ceiling fan looked like a spaceship, and we laughed about it. Yes, I was fully aware the pills were distorting my view of the world, and no, alcohol and drugs were not involved in any way.

This last time (I've taken it three times over the last week), I hallucinated about really freaky people with long, dragging arms staring at me and trying to crawl through my mirror. As far as I'm concerned, these are satan's little pills, and I'm so done with them.

The doctor said to make sure that I can devote eight at least hours to sleep, because these pills will knock me out.

Sadly, not true. I'm possibly sleeping five hours, and that's with waking every hour and having some serious nightmares. (Satan's little pills... I'm telling you...)

So, long story short, I am exhausted. I had better night's sleep when I was breastfeeding, and that's the truth.

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