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Friday, March 13, 2009

It's a New Day


Yesterday wasn't really "bad", but more "annoying". You know, the kind of day where this is no one single annoying event that is anything you can't deal with. You're just having a series of annoying single events that make it you feel a little overwhelmed.

Yesterday morning, my Swiffer wouldn't work (the one I just bought two weeks ago), my carpet sweeper wasn't working either, and I noticed I was developing a canker sore. Ok... so no big deal.
I picked up my daughter from school and was cornered by the director, because "we need to figure out a way to get her to stop pulling hair." Alright... sorry... I understand that. I do not want my daughter to hurt anyone. So, the director asks me what I think she should do. Um... call me crazy, but shouldn't someone with a background in early childhood education have some ideas of their own for what seems like a fairly normal issue?

She asked me to "please discipline her at home when she does this" which really upset me. First, she pulls hair at my house maybe twice a month, so it's not a common problem. Secondly, she immediately gets put in a time out and told it's not nice. So, assuming that I don't discipline her, because she does it at school (sometimes) is completely unfair.

So, we kind of went round and round with the same questions and answers. And, while all this was going on, my daughter leans over, grabs my favorite necklace, and breaks it.

Then, I get home and spill a portion of my lunch (with sauce) on the carpet.

Later, I realize that I lost my son's homework and spend 45 minutes going through every paper in the house including the recycling to find it. (I did find it!) Oh, and around that time, I notice that I left the lights on the golf cart all day, so it's barely moving.

Did I mention that my daughter stuck her arm in the potty (up to her elbow) immediately after I gave her a bath and changed her clothes? Oh, and then she licked her hand, because yum(!) who can resist potty water? (sigh) The potty was flushed, and I had just cleaned it, but still...

I guess the big issue that basically upset me the most and caused me to write about my "bad day" yesterday was right after my son threw a major fit. In fact, I was writing while he was yelling at me from his room and telling me how much he hated me and wanted me to die. Why? Because I showed my daughter one of my son's matchbox cars that he had been playing with. She didn't break it. She just held it and looked at it. Then, he tried to take it out of her hands. I stopped him, and that's when he started his tirade.

So, it was just a long, tiresome day... Everyone has them. It could have been better. It could have been worse.

Oh, well... it's a new day now. So far, so good. (Knock on wood.)

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