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Monday, February 02, 2009

Ugly Day

I'm having an "ugly" day.

Do you ever wake up and have an "ugly" day? You know - the kind of day where no amount of makeup, hairstyling or decent clothes will make you feel even one ounce better about yourself? That's me. That's been me all day.

It's very frustrating to have a day like this.

It's not so bad to have an "ugly" day when you couldn't care less -like a day when you've been cleaning out the garage or shoveling dog poop or something equally unappealing. Those are days when you aren't expected to look nice, and you don't even care about it.

On the other hand, when multiple attempts are made to look semi-presentable, and you still look as if you've been beat to death by the ugly stick, it's a sad, sad day.

So, anyway...that's me today... feeling sad ....looking bad... Yuck Pictures, Images and Photos

Let's hope tomorrow is better.

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