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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Time on Facebook

I have recently discovered Facebook.

Actually, I have barely begun to discover it! This place is enormous. There's all these different clubs on there and flair you can put on your page. Friends are constantly sending me requests for snowball fights or exchanging plants (haven't even looked at that one yet), and I even received a charm for some sort of online charm bracelet! I have no idea what that one is either.

Anyway, I have heard from people that I haven't seen or been a part of their life in any way for almost 20 years. (Ok...feeling old now...(sigh))

This is really an amazing place!

So, a few days ago, I had a few uninterrupted moments to myself (wow!) and decided to check out the "friend finder" portion of Facebook. It went straight to my graduating class. Talk about a flashback!

I do not have a picture of myself on there. I'm mysterious that way.... I just don't like pictures of myself. But many in my class do have a picture available.

You should see these people.

No --I do NOT mean that in a mean way. I mean that in an I-can't-believe-everyone-looks-so-good-what-are-they-eating-to-preserve-themselves-so-well kind of way. I didn't see a stray grey hair, the slightest hint of crow's feet...not even an extra chin! I can't be the only one!!

Are these old pictures? Were they professionally done (and edited)? Is my eyesight completely failing me?

I honestly have no idea, but I would LOVE to know the secret. (I'm hoping they are all just really good at Photoshop.)

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