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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hair and Mascara Don't Mix Very Well

I actually have a hair appointment tomorrow! Yay!

My hair grows out, instead of down. (It's really thick.) So, I should have it trimmed every six weeks.

Too bad I haven't had it cut in ten weeks. Yeah... it's a helmet right now.

I have to pull it back just to calm it down, which wouldn't be such a big deal except that particular 'do shows off my natural grey highlights.

A few months ago, I read in a magazine about how to remedy this: Take your mascara wand (lightly dipped in your mascara, of course), and glide it over those unsightly grey hairs that are easily seen on the front of your head.

Ok... so I decided to try it last night, since I was going to my parenting class.

The "transformation" turned out well. I was pleased that it faded some of the silver glare coming off my head.

Toward the end of class, we were asked to write a few things down that required some deep thought. So, I'm sitting there... one hand wrapped around a pencil, and the other on the top of my forehead...


It seems that I had decided not to use waterproof mascara.

There was mascara smeared on my hand and, I was assuming at the time, all over my forehead. I tried to subtly wipe at my forehead with the other hand, and I guess that made it worse. Anyway, I hightailed it my car as soon as class was over (just minutes later, thank goodness), and took a look in the rearview mirror.

Yeah. It looked like someone took shoe polish and fingerpainted my forehead.

So, the magazine never explained this could happen. Maybe it's supposed to be common sense, but I could have obviously used the reminder. If you decide to try this and do not have waterproof mascara (and sometimes that stuff doesn't work very well anyway), then I am warning you... do not rub your head, don't exercise or get all sweaty in any way, and please stay out of the rain.

Try to keep your secret a little better than I did.

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