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Thursday, February 05, 2009


Next week is going to be hectic; Valentine parties, a birthday party, tutoring, parenting class, American Heart Assoc. jump-a-thon, reading sheets must be turned in, plus homework and the various other tasks I have to perform around here that get undone in a matter of minutes.

In most ways, I like a busy week -lots to look forward to. What I don't like is having to remember it all. There's always something I'll forget, whether it's turning a paper in or showing up somewhere. My brain just seems to overload easily.

It just seems that the phrase I mutter most during the day is, "Oh, yeah...I forgot about that." It can get a little frustrating.

Oh, sure, I can write it down in a planner. In fact, I have one. I have no idea where it is, but I have one.

What's strange is that I can remember the entire theme song from "Facts of Life", and I can easily name all my elementary school teachers, but often can't remember why I opened a drawer to look for something.

Is this normal? From what I understand...yes. I guess it's the whole "mommy brain". I think it's a combination of lack of sleep, proper nutrition, and too much exposure to dirty diapers.

I'm hoping that, over time, my brain cells might flourish again. Don't tell I'm wrong, and it won't happen.

... You know what? ...Go ahead and tell me I'm wrong. It won't matter anyway, because I'll just forget you said it.

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