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Monday, February 16, 2009

Day One - Winter Break

My son is out riding his bike, so I'm going to do a little "drive by" post on my way out the door.

Both kids are off school this week, so it's been a little frantic around here. There is no rest when I have both by myself.

It's sort of like a diet boot camp, I think. First of all, I don't sit down...ever. When my children think I'm going to sit, then they either (a) fight with one another or (b) ask for something. It never fails.

Secondly, I'm not only up, but on the move... picking up crumbs and toys, finding lost shoes and socks, stopping fights, getting kids out of my jewelry, fixing snacks and drinks, etc.

Third, I rarely get to eat. When I do get to shovel a bite into my mouth, then I'm standing up while doing something else.

You know, it really makes me wish I could find my pedometer. I'd love to know what I log on days like this. You never know -I may lose some weight this week! Wouldn't that be sweet?!

Alright... I'm running out the door now....

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