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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Worms Crawl In, Worms Crawl Out...

Last night, we had a horrible rain with a tornado and flood watch thrown in. It's been raining on and off for weeks, so the ground is a complete muddy mess. Keep all this in mind as I continue this story...

I got up this morning, got ready, awakened my son for school, went downstairs, and... there were worms EVERYWHERE!! I counted 11 total in my dining room and living room. How disgusting is that?!

I immediately called my husband to come home and get these creatures out of my house. He laughed. Apparently, that request was "unreasonable" as he works in midtown. I thought the fact that I wasn't running in the street and screaming meant I was keeping a level head. I guess men and women really do think differently.

Anyway, he suggested that I get my son to just pick them up and throw them outside. "He'll do it. He might even eat one. hahahaha" Yeah, like I want to joke at a time when my house is being overrun by big, long, creepy, crawly worms. Not funny.

Well, when a six-year-old boy is grossed out by worms in his house, then you know the situation is pretty disgusting. But, you know what? He did pick every one of those worms up (even the one that "looked like a snake" because it was so long), and placed them in a bag for me. I sat the bag outside. I'll have him empty it when he gets home. Seriously, I can't even touch the bag the worms are in --that's how creeped out I am.

So, quite a bit of drama at 7 a.m....creepy, crawly drama...

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