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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Resolution Update

I'm not going to lie to you. Things aren't starting out well.

I am "making an effort", but I kind of mistakenly thought that when I made an effort it would look like I'm making an effort.

For example, I've been trying to straighten up around the house (when I can), but you can't really tell. No, I take that can't tell at all...not one bit... That's a little frustrating. With kids, it is absolutely impossible to keep things organized and picked up. If I work on a closet or drawer and they're home, then they're just getting into something else that I'll have to clean up. And while I clean up that mess, then they're wreaking havoc someplace else. It's a bad, bad cycle. I'm kind of to the point of thinking that I if I do absolutely nothing but watch them, then maybe the house will look halfway decent.

As for the resolution on making an effort on myself, well...I'm trying...I'm trying... (sigh)... I looked ok yesterday until I fed my daughter. First, she wiped butter into my hair as I was picking up pieces of toast on the floor. Then, later, she reached over and grabbed my sleeve and used it to wipe ravioli off her face. So...this is all proving a little difficult.

Oh, and as far as exercising goes. I worked out on the Wii again today. (Yay me!) Weighed myself was ok. Midway through my workout, I had gotten off then back on the board. The screen said that there was a shift on the weight. I thought -wow! I've already lost some weight on this workout! ended up GAINING 3.7 pounds! How is this possible?!! Really great motivation.


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Jill said...

((HUGS)) It's gotta get better!