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Monday, December 29, 2008

With My Family: Week Two

I now understand the reason for this person's reaction in "The Scream".

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He must have been riding in a car for 10 hours with his parents and his children. I know I made that exact face when we finally reached our destination here (in WV) last night.

My children were fighting with each other. My daughter was fussing and crying, because she didn't want to go to sleep. My son was in a bad mood for the same reason. My mom was trying to placate both of them. When she would entertain my daughter too much, then my son would get mad...and, of course...the other way around.

My dad is in an entirely different category when we travel. He's sort of a combination between Oscar the Grouch and Monk. I heard several "Do I need to stop this car?" and "What's going on back there?" mixed with "Take your shoes off when you get into the car, so you don't accidentally kick my seat with your shoes" (that one was aimed only at my son) and "Let's not eat in here".

And, now there's so much noise and chattering that I can't even think to write any more. Next week, things will get back to normal. Bear with me...

What a joy.

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