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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Very Baby Christmas

I just returned from my daughter's Christmas party at her preschool. Watching as ten one-year-olds run all over the place has completely exhausted me. I'm going to have to lie down before I pick up my son -no kidding.

I sat in a chair and watched as each and every child ran over to his or her parents...except for my child. She glanced at me, smiled, then went around the room to each family and either danced for them, talked to them, or both. Wherever we go, she assigns herself as "Official Greeter".

Another thing I watched her do (and quickly stopped her!), is stick her hand down the back of a woman's pants as she was bent over. My daughter has this fascination with lifting up skirts or pulling down shirts or whatever. She just wants to see what's in there. Anyway, I apologized, the woman laughed, and my daughter toddled away.

From what I can tell so far in her little life, my daughter has two main talents; schmoozing up a room, and sticking her hands in places they never should be. With qualifications like these, I fear that she is headed for a life in politics.

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Jill said...


We have 3 nights of our school's Christmas program coming up next week! I too will be exhausted!