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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This Morning

I'm exhausted today...just exhausted...

My daughter has been going non-stop. It's like someone put new batteries in her and set her on fullspeed.

Looking back, I know what I did wrong. I stopped to use the bathroom and that little "break" put me behind with her. While I'm in there, she's making a mess. I go out of the bathroom and clean up the mess. While I'm cleaning that mess, she makes another one. And so on and so on... It's just an endless cycle of fun.

Here's a sampling of my morning -She threw several large toys including a bridge from her brother's playset down the stairs, attempted to eat some hair gel (caught that one in time!), threw a plate of food onto the kitchen floor while I was on my hands and knees mopping up a previous mess she had made just minutes earlier, pooped everywhere but the potty, and jumped on top of me and yelled "fight!" while I briefly laid on the floor. I will have to talk with dad about that last development, because I have a feeling he is somehow involved.

Later, I gave her some play-doh while I was throwing clothes into the washer and dryer. Well, she ate a nice chunk of that. That diaper should be interesting.

I finally got her down for a nap. I hope she stays down until my son gets home from school. That would be nice... a longshot... but nice.

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beth said...

Love your blog - I just laugh at all the antics of your little one. A few ideas, if she can walk, she can help load the washer, or wash the floor with a wash cloth (not really washing it, just keeping busy). It's hard as a mom, but funny to a gramma like me. Have faith, it gets better! Relish what you have now because it goes REAL fast.