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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I Need a Vacation. Seriously.

Just another day of complete frustration. I need to get a new job ...something much easier... maybe work for the government again... :-)

First thing this morning, my daughter poured chocolate milk on my bed. Yes, poured it. On purpose. And, yes, that would include the comforter that I just had drycleaned.

Later, she threw an almost empty Snapple container on the floor immediately inside the front door. And, in case you didn't know -Snapple containers are made of glass.

That was fun.

There I was ... on my hands and knees picking up glass... with the front door wide open ...and the mail truck driving by. I'm sure I looked insane.

I'm probably going insane, so might as well look the part anyway.

Other fun things -hmmm... let's see... she poured pond water over her dress that she only had on for mere minutes. She ate part of an eraser. She tried to dig out the raw chicken packaging from the trash can, and... I don't know... eat that too, I guess.

Where am I during all this? I'm there. I'm right there. I'm always two steps behind (at least), but I'm there.

My son is still getting over his tonsilitis, so he didn't do too much today. Oh -except he told me that I can't cook, and he asked me if I had a baby in my belly because it looked like it was getting bigger.

This job just gets more rewarding every day.

I keep telling myself that, one day, my children will appreciate me. But, I wonder... is that really true or is that just part of being insane.

I guess only time will tell.

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