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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Recap From First Day

One day down, 179 (or so) to go.

At the end of the school day yesterday, my son ecstatically ran over to our golf cart.

Me: "So how was it?"

Him: "First grade isn't hard at all! It's really, really easy! I know I can handle this!"

Me: "I knew you would love it!"

Of course, I had no idea how he would feel about it. I only hoped it would turn out well.

He did tell me one thing that raised my eyebrows.

Him: "Someone got in trouble for saying a bad word today."

Bad words already? I have to deal with bad words already?!

Me (trying to act nonchalant): "Oh, really? What happened?"

Him: "Some girl said "ding" and the teacher said that we don't say words like that in here."

This is a new one. I silently contemplate if new bad words have been added since I was younger.

Me: "Ding? Are you sure you heard her right?"

Him: "Yeah. She was sitting right beside me."

um... ok...

Me: "Well... if that's the rule, then just don't say it."

I still have no idea what actually happened, but if that's the worst word he hears for a while (forever would be impossible!), then I'll be grateful.

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