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Monday, June 15, 2009

You're Boring and Old

After leaving the grocery store today, my son decided to have a serious conversation with me. Keep in mind that he wasn't mad, nor was he laughing. He was being completely and totally solemn.

Him: "Mommy, you're boring."

Me: "Thanks."

Him: "Were you ever fun?"

Me: "Well... yeah..."

Him: "I know what's wrong. You're old."


Him: "Old people don't really have fun. They just like to do yardwork."

(deeper sigh)

Him: "Hey, you know what?"

Me: "What."

Him: "You should ask daddy for a stick for your birthday. Old people sometimes need sticks to help them walk."

(He did chuckle after that one.)

I realize that I shouldn't take it personally. Twelve-year-olds are "old" to him. He thinks that just because I don't find it entertaining to dig for worms, burp my name, or make myself pass gas... that I'm not fun. Little does he know that even the liveliest of individuals can lose some of their zest when forced to wipe butts and noses on a daily basis.

But I thought that, in a way, he's right. So, I decided that I was doing something fun for my birthday. I'm going to the spa during the day, and had my husband hire a babysitter, so that we could have a night out. The last time that we had a babysitter so we could go out... well... my daughter wasn't even born yet. So, we're way past due.

And now, after all that, my son is annoyed that he won't be out having fun with mommy on her birthday.

Maybe if I just burp my name, he'll forget about it. :-)

1 comment:

crystal said...

Happy Birthday, Melanie!

Hilarious post!!!

I'm so glad to hear you made plans for a lovely day. Enjoy :-D