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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Free Wii Games

Over the next few days (or weeks), I will be receiving two free Wii games!


With the first, I won an auction with points I accumulated at RewardTV.

RewardTV is a site that actually gives you points based on your knowledge of tv shows and commercials that were on the previous night. Now, I don't get to watch much tv, so most of my answers were guesses. (It's a multiple-choice test.)

Also, you receive points for completing various surveys. The topics range from current dvd releases to your job to cellphones, etc. There is one set point amount for completing each survey.

You can either use your accumulated points for auctions, sweepstakes or shopping sprees. You have to wait until you accumulate quite a bit for the auctions. The sweepstakes will take your points whether you win or not. My personal favorite is the shopping spree. This "event" takes place twice a week at a certain time for gift cards at three places. (They give you all the info beforehand on the site.) The only problem is that these cards go fast! If you aren't there at the second, then chances are, you won't win.

Bottom Line: RewardTV is a fun, original site where you can win (I've won quite a bit!), and it's totally free! Only downside? It can be time-consuming. Therefore, I don't go on as often as before.

The Second Wii game came from Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is basically a search engine that randomly gives you points when you search. It is extremely easy to use, and it's not time-consuming.

You can also accumulate points from; shopping online, donating your old cellphone, submitting polls, getting referrals, and entering swag codes. Swag codes are usually given out randomly on their blog. I rarely catch them, and I still have quite a few points.

Swagbucks has tons of prizes to choose from as well as gift cards. I've used a few of my Amazon gift cards that I earned through Swagbucks to obtain the game.

Bottom Line: Swagbucks is easy to use with many prize options. The downside? It's "search engine" is not nearly as comprehensive as Google.

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