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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clean Your "S"

It's close to 9:00 p.m., and I've finally made it online to my blog.

And now I think I'm just too tired to write.

I'm so not doing a good job with this lately. I have so much to write about, too. That makes it even more pathetic that I can't get on here.

I will say this -- my son had his field day at school today. They had all the games --potato sack races, baton races, plus tons of stuff they just made up. It lasted over two hours.

Anyway, my son's class had "S" painted on both sides of their face, so it would be clear which class (by teacher's name) they were representing. When he came home from school, they were still fairly visible.

My mom (who is visiting this week) wanted to go out to eat since my husband was working late. So, she shouts to my son (in a very non-chalant way) "Make sure to wipe off your "s"!"

I jerked my head around and asked her exactly what she said (say it out loud and tell me it doesn't sound... odd).

She repeated herseld, then busted out laughing. "Oh, that sounds really bad, doesn't it?" *giggle, giggle*

And so we've been laughing about that all evening.


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