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Friday, April 03, 2009

Back to WV

Today, my daughter and I went to a "tea party" at my son's school. (The flyer advertised "tea party", but oddly enough there was no tea --only lemonade and sprite.) Anyway, it was really nice. I had the opportunity to talk with adults (gasp!) and even got a lead on a new preschool for my daughter. Such a nice way to spend the afternoon...

But now, I'm supposed to be packing for the trip back home to WV tomorrow. As usual, I've become easily distracted. I sat down here 45 minutes ago just to check the weather, yet I'm still here.

What can I say? My daughter is napping, and my son is at a friend's house. It feels so good to just sit.

I doubt I'll be writing much next week. It's hard to wrestle the computer away from my dad. If I do happen to get it for a minute, then he sits behind me and keeps asking when I'll be done. That kind of gets in the way of my thought process (as if I need help in that area).

Hope everyone has a great spring break. Think about me in the car with two children for ten hours...

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