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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kindergarten Day

I noticed on a website for obscure holidays (yes, I check it out every once in a while), that today is Kindergarten Day.

Just in case you were wondering (and I know you are!), the kindergarten founder, Friedrich Froebel, was born on this day in 1782. Kindergarten actually started in 1837 in Germany. It seemed like it was relatively new when I went to kindergarten ( '78-'79), so I had no idea it's been around that long!

My son's first day of kindergarten actually went really well. He was nervous, but later told me how much fun he had.

My first day of kindergarten didn't go so well. I don't really remember it, but my dad has told me this story several times. Apparently, I was getting ready in the bathroom and running late (some habits never die). My dad either didn't know I was in there, or he was checking on me, so he opened the door. I was coming out of the bathroom at the same time. The door hit and tore off my toenail on my big toe. Lots of tears later (some were from me, but most from my dad), I finally made it to school .

You would think I would remember such trauma, but apparently I've blocked out the memory.

Anyway, here are a few crafts you can make with your kindergartener (or child of similar age) in honor of Earth Day tomorrow. My son has made the "egg carton caterpillar" and the "handprint butterfly", so I know they are fairly easy to put together.

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