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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Going to Jail?

I thought I was going to jail this afternoon.



To be honest, the day wasn't going all that perfect anyway. I accidentally ran over my new pedometer (just had it for two hours) with my car. There's $20 down the drain.

Then later, I had to give my daughter a suppository. (Long story, and I will spare you the details.) It didn't work until my daughter and I were in the golf cart together... with the sides down... not much air to breathe... you get the picture.

But, I suppose the pinnacle of the day happened at CVS. After I dropped my son off at the dentist's, I decided to make a run to the drugstore to get a prescription filled. Then I decided, since I was already there, to pick up some coloring for my roots. The grey highlights just aren't working for me. I assured the hygienist that this would be a "quick" trip, and I would be back in time to get my son. I don't know why I make promises like that.

So, I hand the cashier a $10 for my coloring and stand there waiting for change. She takes the bill, looks at it, holds it up to the light, then looks at me. So I say, "Is something wrong?"

She continues to stare at the bill. Finally, she says, "This doesn't look right to me. I don't remember this little circle."

Ok. I don't know about you, but I don't have the time to study dollar bills, so I have no idea what she's talking about. All I can think is - If I go to jail for having counterfeit money, then who is going to take my daughter, and who is going to pick up my son from the dentist?

While I'm planning my one phone call, she unlocks the cash register and reaches for another $10 and compares them. Guess what? They have the same markings. I'm free to go.

I hurry out, get my daughter, myself, and our stuff into the car, and go to the dentist. I ended up making my son wait (with the hygienist) for a few minutes. I jokingly asked him if he thought I wasn't coming back. His response?

"I was hoping you weren't."

Then, he laughed... a little.

It's so nice to be appreciated.

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Jill said...

Are we sure it isn't a Monday?? Good Grief, what a day!!