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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Checking In

Another moment alone with the computer. I feel like a prisoner sneaking off to get a message to "the outside". (haha)

Actually, so far, so good. The only problem I'm having here is the steady weight gain of approx. .5 lb a day. My parents have two kinds of food in their house; food that takes forever to cook and junk food. So, when I get hungry and don't feel like cooking (or just plain don't want to!), then I'm "forced" to reach for a Cadbury Egg or various other chocolate indulgences.

My goal for the week is to simply be able to wear the clothes I brought. I may not be able to button, zip, or fasten in any way, but if I can at least get them on, then I'll live with it.

Oh, and I'm reading.... books! I've actually had time to sit and read.'s so nice... Anyway, I read "Switcheroo". The book was written by Olivia Goldsmith (author of "The First Wives Club"). It's an enjoyable, light read with well-written and relatable characters. It doesn't have your predictable, shopping-frenzied, have-to-get-a-man, young and gorgeous main character, either. (And thank goodness for that.) If you liked "The First Wives Club", then you'll probably like this book, too.

Alright, I'm off to sneak one more Reese Egg, and then I'm getting ready for bed. Yes, it's very important to eat that junk right before you lie down for maximum weight gain. (sigh)

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