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Monday, March 09, 2009

This Morning

Daylight savings time is exhausting. I feel like I could sleep for a week straight.

I had one of those mornings where I kept pushing the snooze over and over and over... So, when I did get up, we were all totally rushed.

My son is obviously missing that lost hour of sleep. He was in a bad mood from the moment his feet hit the floor. Right before we left for school, he started chastising me for not washing his shoes.

Him: "I told you to clean my shoes."

Me: " Number one: I am not the maid. I am your mother. Be nice to me. If you keep this attitude up, then I will end up being the only woman that will ever be in your life. (Ok... I didn't actually say that last part. I thought about it... but I didn't say it.) Number two: You did NOT tell me to clean your shoes."

Him: "Well... I told Daddy!"

Me: "Do I look like Daddy?"


Him: "Sort of."


Me: "Let's go."

Then, we get into the golf cart, I open the garage door, and, of course, it's dark.... really dark. And so, I get more attitude.

Him: "It's dark. Why is it dark? Why am I going to school at night?"

Seriously... how do you explain daylight savings time to a six-year-old? More importantly... how do you explain daylight savings time to a six-year-old when you are running on less that four hours of sleep and haven't had any coffee yet?

Simple answer: You don't.

Me: "It's not night, it's morning. We're leaving at the right time. It's getting close to spring, and God saves more daylight for after school, so you can enjoy it longer."

Him: "Ok"

All I could think was -Wow! No argument! He really must be tired, poor guy. Maybe I can get them both to bed early tonight.

Aaaaah... dare to dream...

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