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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seeing Bolt

My son was supposed to be in a parade and have his first baseball game today. Since it has rained all day, plans changed.

Instead, I took him to see "Bolt". If you haven't seen this movie, and you like animated, family movies, then you shouldn't miss this one. I really love these kinds of movies. I say that I'm going for my son -and he does want to see them -but honestly, I'm probably more excited about it than he is.

So, I'm a nerd. Big deal. There are worse things to be.

Anyway, this movie is really funny and sweet, and it somehow made me want to run out and buy a hamster (and I never thought of myself as a "hamster person").

There were a couple of scary scenes, which would make me glance sideways at my son to see his reaction. He was fine, but a little girl a few seats away whimpered a little, and kept asking her mom if Bolt was ok. If you have really little ones, you might want to sit this one out. It could be frightening for them.

Oh, and get this part -- our movie was $. 50 a piece! $1 total!! And, yes, we saw it in a theatre! Got to love Fayetteville Cinemark 10. The first show daily of each movie is just $ .50. After that, I believe it's $1.75. (I may be wrong on that one...) I do know that after the first show on Tuesday that it's just $1 all day. You couldn't even rent a movie for those prices.

It's a good place. I like it.

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