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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Save Money

Publix - There are several newsletters that you can sign up for. They will be sent to your home several times a year with Publix-only coupons. Also, you can pick these up on your way in and out of the store.

Kroger - Shortcuts links coupons directly to your Kroger card. This helps give a little extra savings when you forget coupons at home. Cellfire is another program that will link directly to your Kroger card. There are other stores where Cellfire is available, too, so check the website.

Target - There are printable coupons on the Target site that change weekly.

CVS -Using your Extra Care Rewards Card will help earn 2% back and could help earn more when there are special in-store savings. Also, there's a machine inside the store where you can swipe your card and get additional CVS only coupons.

Rite Aid - Rite Aid offers rebates on many of its products. All you need to do is register and enter your receipts online.

-- Remember to pick up various newsletters upon entering or leaving a store. You never know what savings you'll find inside.

-- While shopping, don't forget to watch out for the "blinkies" on the aisles. They are the coupons that are attached to the small machines that distribute one coupon at a time. I always take one (or two at the most!) of any coupons that I plan on using. Even if you don't use them on this trip, you may use them in the future.

--Combine coupons with sales. Get extra savings when you combine manufacturer coupons with store specific coupons. Yes, they will take both at the same time. Also, you can use your Kroger card loaded with coupons AND manufacturer coupons AND individual Kroger coupons to TRIPLE your savings!

--Most places take printable online coupons. I know that Kmart will NOT take them. Make sure to check with any other stores before you try.

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