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Thursday, March 05, 2009

No Happy Birthday

My daughter's birthday is next month. I'm not sure what to get her. I could give her some tissue paper and homemade play-doh, and she'd be thrilled. So, it doesn't really concern me too much.

What I'm not sure how to handle is her actual birthday party. I think we're all going back to WV for it, which will be nice. She loves people, loves presents, REALLY loves cake --so that's all good. What she doesn't like is the birthday song.

Whenever she hears it, she screams and cries. It doesn't matter if it's someone else's party or we're at a restaurant or even if someone is singing it on tv. She gets hysterical. If you even say "happy birthday" to her, she gets this really sad look on her face and starts crying. I have no idea why.

She's only had one other birthday, and as far as I remember, there was no traumatic event involved.

If she hears any other song about any other subject, then she automatically starts dancing. It's really odd.

Yesterday in her music class, I had to take her out of the room, so they could sing to one little boy. She heard a small bit of it, and went crazy. The other parents thought it was funny... and it is... but it's more strange than anything else.

I guess we'll all just stand around and sing "Jingle Bells" for her birthday. (Yeah, we're weird.)

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