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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Last night, my son built a trap to catch a leprechaun. He used a shoebox, gold glitter (to lure him), and even his ladder from an old firetruck (to give him a boost over and into the shoebox, of course.)

He got the idea from school yesterday. (Thank you, Mrs. Kindergarten Teacher.) He came home all excited about it!

Him: "Mommy, a leprechaun came into our classroom while we were outside at school!"

Me: "Wow! How did you know?"

Him: "He made the room a complete mess! Papers and books were everywhere! He left toilet paper all over the room, too... and green pee in the potty!"


Me: "Sounds like he made an awful mess."

Him: "Yeah, but the teacher accidentally left the window open, and he ran away."

Me: "Oh. That's too bad."

Him: "But he left some candy, and I already had a bunch of it!"

Me: "Oh... great..." (sigh)

Anyway, he wanted desperately to catch that leprechaun. When I woke him this morning, the first thing he did was check that shoebox. Of course, it was empty, and he just sort of sighed. It was a little sad, but what can I do? I'm sure he'll forget about it in another day ... or two...


Jill said... Cute! I coulda done w/o the green pee thou LOL.

crystal said...

Aw, sweet story! Hope your little guy does forget about it soon.

Ya gotta love kindergarten teachers! My youngest had one that gave the kids candy at every opportunity. If they were quiet, or colored a paper well, or answered a question correctly. Neither I nor her dentist was too thrilled about my daughter having so much candy! I used to wryly say: "You'll be able to recognize my kid - she's the one with no teeth!!" LOL

Try the Irish Bread! I bet you'll do great with it!