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Friday, March 06, 2009


Ok... I've gotten a couple of emails about "hotsaucing", and I wanted to know if anyone else has heard of it. Basically, when a child talks back or uses bad language, a parent puts hot sauce on their tongue as a form of discipline.

Here's the deal -- I don't really criticize other parents, because (1) as soon as I do, then I end up with the exact same problem, and (2) this is a REALLY hard job, so I feel their pain. Usually, people that routinely criticize other parents are NOT parents (have you noticed this?). It's really easy to have all the answers when you don't deal with any of the questions.

Having said that, putting hot sauce on a child's tongue as discipline seems harsh to me. I don't deal with bad language at this point. The worst words my son says are "butt" and "pee-pee", and he giggles afterwards, so I'm not there... yet. But, I'm sure it's going to come at some point.

I do, however, deal with plenty of back talk. I get frustrated, but I still can't imagine using hot sauce in that way. It just seems so cruel. I try and talk to him about it, and many times that works, and he's able to see my view and why he's wrong. Other times, I have him stay in his room and think about why he's there. I realize I am NO expert on parenting, but I would rather communicate with love rather than punishment.

Am I just a total wimp when it comes to parenting, or does forcing your child to have hot sauce seem over the line?

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Anonymous said...

My friend does this, I hate it! But what do you do? It's not really causing physical harm. I have four kids who have all at some time used those naughty words, I just told them how wrong that was and why. That was the end of it. Maybe I'm just lucky?