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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hazardous Materials

Today, I sent my son to school wearing a shirt that said "Hazardous Materials". In the background were school books, a ruler, a pencil, etc. It was cute. I bought it on sale at Old Navy.

After he gets home from school, I realize that today was picture day. We're not just talking about regular school pictures, but the class picture as well.


I mentioned this to him, and he ... all of a sudden... gets really mad at me. Keep in mind, that he's been home from school for 2 HOURS. He proceeds to tell me how embarrassed he was, and how he was told that his clothes were "not good picture clothes".

Me: "Who said that?"

Him: (He names this girl in class that he can't stand!)

Me: "When did you start caring what she thinks?

Him: "I don't know."

Me: "What did the teacher say?"

Him: "Nothing."

Me: "Ok... so it's no big deal. You look fine. Don't worry about it."

Deep down, of course, I'm furious with myself. It looks like I'm raising some tacky little rebel, when the whole truth of the matter was I needed to do laundry, and that's what was clean.

I really hope these come out in time for me to mail them with the Mother's Day cards. That will go over great with everyone. (sigh)

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