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Monday, March 16, 2009

Girl's Night?

My son's classmate's mother had asked me to look after her daughter for a few hours after school, because she was going away for the weekend with her friends.

I was so jealous.

Not mean-spirited jealous... more like a wistful, daydreaming, "would love to do that someday" jealous.

She told me that she would be happy to return the favor if I ever went out of town with friends.

Well, this is going to sound weird, but there is a place I would love to visit with a couple of friends or family members. (My husband is not into it.) It's very offbeat, but adventurous in a way, I think...

I would love to take a night tour here.

Does that sound really strange and creepy, or unusual and interesting? (Maybe, a mixture of all of the above.)

One day... perhaps...

I can just hear the request now, "Would you mind watching my son after school, so I can spend the night in the pen? Thanks so much." smilie Pictures, Images and Photos

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