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Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Today was my son's first baseball game. It was completely noncompetitive, of course. Everyone bats, no keeping track of outs or scores, no strike-outs either. Basically, it's just a way to introduce the kids to the game.

My son has to learn that it's ok to just dump the bat after he hits the ball. He has this habit of standing around to watch where the ball goes after he hits it, then gently laying the bat down. Eventually, he gets around to running to first. No big deal. He's learning.

Also, today was my daughter's first haircut. She had this sort of toddler mullet thing going on that just wasn't too flattering. Her hair is having a little trouble growing in. There were a few almost bare spots, but there were also a few spots with very long hair. The texture of her hair is baby bird-like, too. Kind of soft, feathery --absolutely impossible to get even a velcro bow in there. Needless to say, people tend to say "oh, what a cute boy" even when she's wearing a flowered dress. (Duh.)

Anyway, the hairdresser trimmed the long hairs, and actually made it look a bit thicker. Not that she cares, but the style works for her. The hairdresser even saved some of her hair, taped it on a special card, signed it, dated it, and gave both my son and daughter candy. It was a pretty big deal. :-)

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