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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Recipe Review - Crab and Spinach Casserole

I made that Crab and Spinach Casserole that I had written about earlier this week. And we all thought it was pretty good. My toddler shoveled it in, so I knew she liked it, too.

I did make some changes on it, though. Crab meat is expensive. Instead of buying two pounds of it, I bought 2 lbs of premade crabcakes (real crabmeat, not imitation) in the fish department of Publix and paid just a fraction of the price. It was also a lot less trouble. I didn't have to worry about picking through it for shells, and it had a little seasoning and breadcrumbs already in it.

I cut back on the butter, too. I think I used half of what was suggested. Also, I know the recipe said to use whole milk, but I didn't --and trust me -- still VERY rich. You won't miss it.

The only downside -it didn't set up too well (probably due to all my substitutions).

All in all, it was very tasty, and my husband and I agreed it would make an incredible dip. It was so rich, that a little would go a long way, and a dip would be an excellent choice. (If you want to make it as a dip -scale WAY back on the recipe. You will not even need half of what it actually makes.)

By the way -- Happy Valentine's Day!

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Jill said...

Oh, that does sound Yummy :)