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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Kids and Computer Time

My children have been sitting here with me for an hour playing Valentine games on the computer and watching youtube.

My son loves this site. There are several cute and original games. He especially likes the "Love me, love me not, daisy petal game". My daughter likes the "musical heart bells".

Visiting youtube can be a little tricky. Number one rule to remember: Just because a cartoon character that you are very familiar with is in a video, does NOT mean it's suitable for children.

My daughter loves all things Elmo, so finding a child-friendly video was easy.

I can't explain to you how much she actually does love Elmo. Have you ever seen videos of fans screaming and crying over rock stars? That is the exact reaction my daughter has whenever Elmo appears. She stands in front of the tv and stomps her feet, screaming with joy.

One time, we actually had "Hokey Pokey Elmo" and "Elmo Live" going the same time as Elmo was on tv. I thought she was going into some sort of rapturous coma. She kept looking from one Elmo to another with her eyes glazed over with wonder. I was a little worried we had overdone it. Finally, one by one, they started going off, and eventually, she calmed down to her normal level. It was quite a spectacle.

When my son is in the room, he has only one request for youtube. Then, we get to see the re-enactment for days afterward.

I'm just glad to see the classics never die.

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