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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day Two: Winter Break

If I don't lose weight this week, then there's something seriously wrong with my metabolism.

Day two of "Winter Break Boot Camp" seriously wore me out.

I cut a break this morning when I found a Scooby movie on. I was able to actually clean out my kitchen (sort of). It wasn't thorough, but it did help. It's amazing how throwing away so much stuff can be so cathartic.

But, yeah, instead of hanging out and watching Scooby, I made myself useful. I'm actually proud of myself for that. My son watched most of the movie, but my daughter was in and out. She preferred to be with me and watch me clean. When it looked as if I was making progress, she threw stuff onto the floor (seriously).

This afternoon, we played basketball, volleyball, soccer, and took a long walk to the park (where we played for an hour or so). And during my daughter's naptime, my son and I made more crafts.

To top it all off, after we came back from the park, and I actually found the nerve to try and sit for a few minutes, my son dropped this bomb on me out of nowhere --

Him: "Sarah's mom is funner than you."

Me: (Sigh) "I played with you all day and helped you make a nice craft."

Him: *Not even looking at me.* "Yeah, but she's funner."

Me: Ugh. "Ok."

Nice, huh? Nothing like a big, giant dose of gratitude to make a day seem special. (sigh)

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