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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Out Shopping

Today, I had the pleasure of leaving the house unaccompanied. On these rare occasions, I sometimes think about not coming back. I wouldn't be gone forever...just a day...or two... Is it normal to have thoughts like that? I always come back, of course, but sometimes I do wonder about it...

Although, it was nice to get out and look around and buy a few nice things (mostly for the kids!), I do think shopping is one of those times when I feel the loneliest here. Store after store was filled with laughing friends and family, and then there was me. I wasn't the only "only" there, but it felt like it, at times. There's a difference between choosing to be alone and being alone because you have no one else. And that, of course, is the difference between "alone" and "lonely".

I really need to re-acquaint myself with my friends that have moved back. Plus, I just need to make some friends...bottom line... It's really hard to do when you stay-at-home all day. And I'm just not one to walk up to someone and start talking. I know some very nice women that I like to talk with, but I haven't had (or made) the chance for a "girl's night out".It's really been a challenge for me since we've moved here. People are nice and all, but just finding that kind of friendship is hard.

Back in WV, I have lots of friends. It's not that people are different here. I just had more opportunities to make friends there -school, work, family, church. And, if I'm really honest, I need to seriously brush up on my friend-making skills. You know what they say -"when you don't use it, you lose it". I think that pretty much sums it up for me.

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