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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

What's with the title? Don't I know Christmas is Over? Of course! But Christmas can't compare with the joyous time of year known as..."The Annual Visit to the Gynecologist". What complete and total fun I have waiting for me tomorrow.

I hate this. First of all, I'm using several of my precious hours of alone-time to get jabbed with cold metal objects in places that cold metal objects should NEVER be allowed. It's really horrible when you think about it...*shiver*... getting weighed (yuck), peeing in a cup (more yuck), undressing in that freezing doctor's office (kept at a balmy 41 for maximum enjoyment), ice-cold doctor hands, objects that look like torture devices from dungeons in the middle ages, talking about very personal things with a man you hardly know, and worst of all...paying for it!

My doctor is nice. I mean it -really nice. The staff there is nice. But... all of that just doesn't make up for the whole miserable experience. Even after giving birth to two children, it still doesn't get any more bearable to be there.

Oh, and this time I get to schedule my very first mammogram. Now, that's something I'm looking forward to. After hearing about women talk about this "test" for years, I am fully convinced that I will be dealing with the most heinous machine invented my man. It just sounds so completely grisly. Hopefully, it is all exaggeration, and it's really no big deal. (If it is a "big deal", please, please don't tell me...I have already heard too much...)

In other news, I am feeling better. Pain medication, a heating pad, and an evening in bed watching "Rock of Love Tour Bus" has helped considerably. I will mention it to the doctor, but otherwise, I believe the worst has passed. (Sorry, if I'm being "TMI", but I think I'm dealing with all (or at least mostly) women here.)

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