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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Long Day

It's been a long day...a really long day.

I started the morning off at the gynecologist's office. Nothing perks a person up more than a speculum in know... It was just a normal, average checkup, but I did learn a few things about myself. And since I'm sure everyone's been on pins and needles hoping for an update about my feminine area, then I will indulge:

1) I weigh even more than I thought. We're not talking a pound or two either. Oh, and she subtracted two pounds for clothes, too, so I can't use that excuse. So...hooray.

2) My tests are good -sugar, iron, and whatever else...good. Can't complain about that.

3) I am apparently not producing as much estrogen as before. Um...ok? The doctor says that my body still needs some time to get back to normal after having a baby (almost two years ago!).

4) It's a good idea for me to schedule a mammogram. I knew that one was coming. Most women don't have their first mammogram until they're 40, but because of my family history of breast cancer, I need to go earlier. That's fine. Not looking forward to it, but I understand.

And that was basically it. I continued to Publix, CVS, the dry cleaners, back to my daughter's school (where everything is much better), and then later to the bus stop and finally to my parenting class tonight.

And I did it all while feeling heavy ...and masculine ...but in very good health!

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