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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Continuation of World's Greatest Day

Picture this --I finally get dinner on the table. My husband is not home from work yet. Both children are sitting and eating -my son is having spaghetti with meat sauce, and my daughter is having plain noodles with a little butter and maybe a teaspoon of parmesan cheese. I sit down to eat and take five or six bites. Suddenly, an avalanche of noodle come back up from somewhere deep inside my daughter (I know it sounds disgusting and it really, really was) all over the kitchen table, floor, and, of course, my daughter.

She can't help it. I know that. I'm just truly grossed out -more than I ever thought possible. I just tell my son to take his food into the living room and eat, while I take my daughter for a bath.

I leave the mess in the kitchen for my husband - not to be mean, but because I can't hold her back from the nastiness, so that I can clean up. (She's already had her hands in playing with it while I was across the room...(sigh))

So now, everything is clean...everyone is clean and going to bed, and I'm going to lock myself in my room until the morning.

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