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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Remembering Buddy

This is the first Christmas in 13 years that I'll have without my dog, Buddy. I've been thinking about him quite a bit lately. I guess that's no surprise since he's been a part of my life since before children and before marriage. I'm used to seeing his little stocking hung on the mantle, his ornament on the tree, and, of course, a nice present under the tree.

Yes, I'm one of those people that buys gifts for their pets. It was never anything extravagant - rawhide chews, a decorated dog dish, and one year --last year --a nice therapeutic bed. I think that as long as you're not depriving your family and you do have a little extra money to spend, then why not? After all, it's your money and you should be able to spend it as you want.

Well, Buddy died in May. He had a brain tumor. There wasn't anything we could do. Buddy wanted to go, too. Normally, he would sit at my feet when we were outside, but the day my husband was to take him to the vet (for the last time), he was restless. He kept walking to the gate and back, beckoning us. We knew he was ready.

After my husband came back alone, we told my son that Buddy had gone to Heaven. My son got this huge smile on his face and pumped his fist in the air cheering. I was obviously taken aback at this. Then, he looked at me and said, "Now Buddy's not going to hurt anymore, and he's going to be able to eat chocolate!"

And, so, whenever I get sad about Buddy being gone, I just picture him running around in Heaven eating chocolate. That puts a huge smile on my face, too.

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